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What's the minimum beer cans/bottle can we order? Or What's the minimum beer cans/bottle for a single order?

Minimum are 3 cans per order with mix and Match Food / Munchys.

Where can I get my order delivered?

We deliver at your Doorstep.

Why only door delivery?

Yes. We do only deliver at your doorstep…
Let’s all of us curb and restrict drink and driving attitude.

Any restricted area for delivery?

Yes. Below are the restriction we won’t deliver our products.

i. Near Mosque
ii. Airports
iii. Government Buildings
iv. Hospitals Buildings

Do you operate daily?

Yes. We are 24/7 and our Team Rider are trained professional.

Can you speed up my delivery?

Minimum 45min delivery.

Is Cash-On-Delivery available?

No, pay before delivery at Payment Gateway at Web/App.

Can i request an order refund?

Sorry, No Refundable but you may redeem the same order price/money equivalent on your next purchase in different dates. Maximum redeem within 30days at!

Do your kitchen staff comply and follow KKM (Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia) Standard?

Yes. There always clean, tidy follow all SOP given by the KKM Legal Compliments*


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